Innate Medical Solutions

Innate Medical Solutions

True Managed Care

Innate Medical Solutions has the experience and expertise to manage your health care. Our professional multi-disciplinary team offers elite medical services in many specialties. Each of our primary care physicians are committed to creating personalized treatment plans for each patient to help improve their quality of life.

Network of Trusted Specialists

Aside from our outstanding primary care services, we understand that there are situations that our patients need to see a specialist. When specialists care is needed, our primary care physicians refer to our network of trusted specialists.

  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Wellness Services
  • Pain Management
  • Injury Rehab
  • Imaging & Diagnostics
  • Dental
  • Vein Care
  • Workers Comp

After seeing the specialists, our primary care physicians continue to work with the patient, ensuring that the pain is removed and the patient can begin doing daily activities pain free. Stop living in pain and start living your best life again. Schedule an appointment today.

Rapid COVID Testing

Our clinicians are expertly trained to administer a COVID rapid antigen test.

MRI Scans

Each of our clinics provide superior imaging and diagnostic services.


Our providers diagnose, document, treat, and manage your pain.


We can measure and diagnose any disorders of the nerves and muscles.

Neural Scans

Enables us to diagnose and properly treat chronic pain conditions.

Vital Scans

Quickly identifies risks and delivers data about potential health issues.

Why Choose Innate Medical Solutions

Sustainable Results

Innate Medical Solutions professional and compassionate staff works with you during, and once your treatment plan is complete to develop a maintenance program with sustaining results.

Quality of Life

At Innate Medical Solutions, our professional multi-disciplinary team is committed to creating personalized treatment plans for individuals to help improve their quality of life.

Lasting Results

At Innate, our certified staff can treat the pain and rehabilitate your body for lasting results. Everyone here is dedicated to bringing you back to living your best life now!

Total Health

Our team of certified professionals evaluates a patient’s total health, assisting them to identify and address inflammation, pain, hormone, adrenal, thyroid, and other imbalance issues, as well as primary care.

Schedule an Appointment

Each of our medical clinics are accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment at any of our clinics simply contact us online, or call us at (972) 789-1234.

Our Network of Medical Clinics

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