About Us

Innate Medical Solutions offers elite care in many specialties. We make you and your health our top priority. Our practice is committed to creating customized treatment plans for individuals to help improve their quality of life. Our experienced physicians treat each unique condition by providing a personal consultation and a pain or wellness management plan.

Multi-specialty Medical Clinics

Our network of medical clinics deliver quality medical care to the community. Our team of doctors and certified professionals evaluates a patient’s total health, assisting them to identify and address inflammation, pain, hormone, adrenal, thyroid, and other imbalance issues, as well as primary care. Chiropractics and podiatry are other specialty services offered at Innate. Once a thorough consultation and appropriate testing are accomplished, recommended targeted therapy is suggested to bring your body back in balance.

Innate Medical Solutions professional and compassionate staff works with you during, and once your treatment plan is complete to develop a maintenance program with sustaining results.

Live Your Best Life

Our purpose is to support as many people as possible searching for the overall wellbeing of the body and mind so that they, in turn, can educate others and live their best lives now.

Accepting New Patients

Stop living in pain and start living your best life again. Call Us Today to schedule a consultation.

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