Personal Injury Clinic Corsicana

Our Corsicana primary care physicians use advanced medical techniques to treat and manage personal injury accidents. If the accident is the result of someone else’s negligence, it is considered a personal injury case. The most common type of pain caused by a personal injury accident is back pain.

Corsicana Injury Clinic

Our primary care physician group has partnered with Texas Injury and Rehab Solutions for personal injuries. Their accident and injury clinic in Waxahachie is easy to access from Corsicana. The Waxahachie injury clinic has all of the latest equipment, managed by the top injury specialists to help you regain a pain free lifestyle.

Letter of Protection

When it comes to a personal injury accident, it is common for the victim to have hired the help of an attorney. One of the primary jobs of the attorney is to be sure the victim receives all of the medical care legally deserved. One common strategy is for the attorney to issue a Letter of Protection. This is a legal promise note, requesting all medical bills be held until they can be paid by the proceeds of the case. Innate Medical Solutions accepts Letter of Protection cases.

Three Types of Personal Injury

Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident can cause pain that is debilitating, often resulting in the victim being unable to perform daily tasks. Our Corsicana injury specialists will work with the victim and attorney to ensure all needed medical care is received.

Workplace Injury

When an injury happens on the job, it is usually referred to as a workplace injury. Our primary care physicians cane help by treating at our workplace injury clinic in Corsicana. Our physicians can help you regain your health so you can perform your daily routines pain free.

Slip and Fall Injury

In Corsicana, a slip and fall injury occurs when the property owner fails to keep the property free of hazards. An experienced attorney can help you receive compensation for your medical bills and time off work.

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