Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

In recent years, massage service has moved from being considered strictly a spa treatment, to a medical treatment. Studies have shown that massage therapy is chock full of benefits for your overall health. Call Innate Medical Solutions today for a wide variety of different styles of massage therapy. We cater to your body’s needs! You don’t want to miss out on the health benefits of regular massage therapy.

Reduced Anxiety And Overall Stress

The reason massage therapy services started out as a spa treatment is because it’s relaxing. When you are relaxed, your body doesn’t bear the effects of stress, fatigue and anxiety. Stress is incredibly detrimental to your health. It leads to fatigue, exhaustion, depression, heart complications, high blood pressure, and problems sleeping. Massage therapy targets the specific areas of your body that carry tension and stress, and leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Reduced Muscle Tension

Massage therapy reduces the tension built up and held in your muscles. Stress, coupled with the strain of everyday life, does significant damage to your muscles. Your muscles are the primary place where you hold stress, and muscle tension is painful and strenuous on your body. Massage therapy releases tension held in your muscles, reducing overall fatigue, increasing circulation in the body, and significantly reducing pain from muscle spasms and contractions.

Reduced Chronic Pain

Research has shown that massage is a powerful aid in managing and reducing chronic pain. Massage therapy services release serotonin, which is your body’s natural anti-pain chemical. More serotonin means less overall pain naturally. Massage therapy also promotes healthy sleep and, generally, more deep, high-quality sleep resulting in reduced pain!

Headache And Migraine Relief

First and foremost, regular massage therapy reduces stress and overall tension in the body. When this happens, you are less likely to experience headaches and migraines in the first place. Massage therapy gently eases the pressure and pain of headaches and migraines.

Better Sleep

Bottom line: deeper relaxation equals deeper sleep. When you are more relaxed overall, and are carrying less tension and stress in your body, your sleep quality improves. Your body’s production of serotonin is crucial for its production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone in your body that controls your sleep and wake cycles. It is made from serotonin, so if your body is actively releasing serotonin, you will experience an increase in quality of sleep.

Relief From Myofascial Pain Syndrome And Temporomandibular Joint Pain

Myofascial pain syndrome is pain resulting from pressure on sensitive points in your muscles. It’s common in repeated injuries or muscle overuse. Massage therapy helps with this through working out the tension and pressure that your muscles are holding. Temporomandibular joint pain is pain and compromised movement of the jaw and surrounding muscles. Massage therapy reduces pain and increases mobility of that specific area.

Effective For Healing Injuries

Rehabilitation for injuries is focused on increasing strength and mobility. Massage therapy increases circulation, increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients supplied to the muscles (which stimulates healing), and relaxes your muscles (which leads to improved mobility).

Increased Immunity

Research has indicated that regular massage therapy services improve how the immune system functions. It increases the activity of the body’s white blood cells. White blood cells fight viruses, and therefore increase your immunity when they’re more active.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Massage therapy sessions have been found to reduce blood pressure levels. They increase overall relaxation, and therefore reduce triggers for anxiety, hostility, tension, stress, and depression. Reducing the stress response in the body lowers risk for blood pressure spikes, strokes, heart attacks, and organ failure.

Reduced Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Massage therapy services have been known to work wonders for individuals going through cancer treatments in managing their side-effects. Pain, swelling, fatigue, nausea, depression, and more are reduced with regular massages.

Don’t go another day with stress, muscle tension, chronic pain, etc! At Innate Medical Solutions, our massage therapy services target the root of your problem, and implement the specific kind of massage you need. Call to make an appointment today!